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Partnership with Telekom in the Business Marketplace

Eine Partnerschaft mit der Telekom ist für beide Seiten gewinnbringend – das meint nicht nur Dan Levin von Box. (Aufnahmen von der CeBIT 2013)

Deutsche Telekom cooperates closely with software partners and service providers as part of its “Easy-to-Partner” global partner and scouting program. We offer potential partners the possibility of marketing their products via Telekom’s Business Marketplace.


Telekom supports its partners at all levels – from the technical implementation of the solution and integration into the Business Marketplace, through to the marketing of applications. Partners benefit from technological expertise, many years of experience and Telekom’s market access to small and medium-sized companies in Germany and other countries.


Benefits for you as a Partner

The advantage for software partners, for example, is that they gain a partner in Telekom that can offer customers additional services over and above the solution they book. These include consulting, support, security and simplified payment services. Partners also benefit from accessing Telekom’s customer base, thanks to the distribution of their solutions via the Business Marketplace. OpenStack™ cloud architecture makes it easier for potential partners to integrate their solutions into the Business Marketplace and therefore into the secure cloud infrastructure of Telekom. OpenStack™ is becoming increasingly important in the industry as it offers providers and customers a free platform for applications in the cloud.

Extensive Reach

You can concentrate on developing your applications. We take care of the marketing: Telekom is one of the leading integrated telecommunications companies worldwide.

Benefit from our large customer base. We market your products on a secure platform and develop your marketing measures together with you. This enables you to significantly expand your customer base.

Financial Transparency

No hidden costs, no follow-up negotiations just plain numbers.


Enjoy the security of our revenue share model: You offer us your products and services, and we will take care of the hosting and marketing activities. Each time your solution is sold, you earn revenue. Simple and risk free.


Data protection and security


You can rely on us: Telekom adheres strictly to legal terms and conditions regarding data protection and data security.

The Business Marketplace and many of its applications are subject to strict German data protection and data security regulations.