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1. Outstanding security and reliability

Uncompromising quality is a must, especially for products that have to prove themselves fit for everyday business. That's why every business application we offer you has gone through extensive testing. That includes its functional scope as well as user friendliness. When it comes to security for our hosted applications, you can depend on complete physical and virtual protection at Deutsche Telekom's high performance data centers. Regardless of the potential risks from fire or water, burglars or hackers – all data and applications in the Telekom cloud are protected with the highest level of professionalism and excellent security standards. Put your trust in our expertise as a specialized service provider for telecommunications and cloud computing. We will provide you with the best solution for your needs.
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2. German-speaking customer service

Our customers need fast and uncomplicated help and support in the language they know best. Since we generally sell our products from the Business Marketplace in Germany, we also like to do everything in German – from the initial consultation to our anytime assistance, and right through to the final invoice. This helps assure both you and us that misunderstandings will be avoided and that a solution will be found quickly in the event of a problem. What's more, domestic calls to our customer service are free of charge. Support via chat or e-mail is also available, along with a comprehensive advice portal with everything you might be looking for. Of course, this is also in German.


3. Huge cost-saving potential

Cloud software has an unbeatable advantage: It's ready to use as soon as you rent the applications on the Internet. No other investments are needed on your part – neither for software licenses nor for additional servers. Right from the outset, startup companies can forgo an entire IT infrastructure and therefore so the requisite IT personnel. That's because you don't need to install, service and maintain the applications on servers at your company. We take care of all the configurations, backups and updates for you. You no longer need any hardware to operate your own servers around the clock. And as a result you'll also use much less electricity, for instance. It's easy to see how cloud applications will help you make substantial savings over the years.
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4. Usable worldwide on any device

Nowadays, mobility is key to keeping a business running smoothly. With cloud software from the Business Marketplace and your notebook, tablet PC or smartphone, you have your functional office with you at all times wherever you are. The Internet gives you worldwide access to your business applications, your latest documents and data. You can hold an impromptu video conference, or retrieve the latest figures from your sales partner while attending a meeting on a business trip. And by giving your colleagues user rights for the software, they will have the same functionality that you have. You can be certain of fast, targeted and perfect teamwork to achieve that crucial competitive edge.


5. Adaptable to your needs at all times

What good are the best business applications if they no longer meet your requirements? That's why our business applications can be adapted to fit your company's current actual needs. Many applications are available in several editions, for example, in terms of storage space, number of users or functional scope. When you book an application for a predetermined period, you can upgrade the respective scope of services at anytime during that period. As soon as you confirm the changes in service for the remainder of the billing process, the technical changes will be effective. A more flexible and faster solution would be hard to find.


6. All applications free of charge for 30 days

Does an application perform the way you expect it to? Does it work well in the team setting? Is it simple to use? We offer you an easy way to answer these questions: All applications in the Business Marketplace are available for a 30-day trial period – free of charge, without any contractual obligation. At the end of the trial period, you simply pay for the applications and continue to use them. Or you do nothing and let the trial period expire. There's no automatic renewal and so absolutely no charge to you. Practical, isn't it?
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7. Automatic updates included

From now on, there are many tasks you or your IT department will no longer need to worry about. Installations, configurations, backups, updates, licenses – that's all included in the rental fee for every application in the Business Marketplace. You no longer need to concern yourself with maintaining, servicing and updating your software and hardware. This will all be taken care of for you by our highly qualified IT specialists working in data centers with huge capacities. You can rest assured that you always have state-of-the-art cloud software and access to everything from anywhere.


8. Immediate use of ordered applications

The time when days and sometimes even weeks could pass between buying and finally being able to use standard software is over. Cloud software requires no delivery times and no installation and configuration phases. Business Marketplace applications are ready for use immediately after ordering – regardless of whether the application will be used by one, ten or a hundred employees. Also regardless of whether it will be used in the office, at a trade fair or on a customer visit. Even new team members or temporary staff can be immediately included in the business application user group and thus integrated in the organization.


9. Convenient central user management

Once you are registered in the Business Marketplace, you will see how easy it is to have access and control of everything there. You have complete flexibility to manage and monitor your applications according to the needs of your business. You can expand or reduce the number of users as well as issue or revoke access rights to individual applications. And, with anytime access to detailed statements, you can always keep an eye on the overall costs. That's how easy and transparent administration can be.


10. Numerous applications "Hosted in Germany"

Cloud software that has been tested and proven to be of a high quality, practical and functional is one thing. But it's security that comes first when dealing with sensitive data. That's why many applications are hosted in secure Deutsche Telekom data centers in Germany. This is the only way the cloud software can meet the high security level for information security and data protection. We regard it as our duty to constantly check and revise standards, for instance through simulated hacker attacks. The more secure the better.


11. Telekom is your one point of contact

From initial registration to service support or billing– as a Business Marketplace customer, you only ever need one contact: Telekom. We are your booking service, your consulting service, IT security service, IT department and your software management service. Even if you book business applications from different manufacturers, all the invoicing is handled by us. In a nutshell: The Business Marketplace team at Telekom is your full service partner for IT and will ensure that your software works at all times and everywhere. That leaves you to focus on what really matters: your business success.


12. Easy payment via telephone bill

If your company is already a Deutsche Telekom customer, whether for your fixed line and/or mobile network, billing is especially easy. All business applications that you book through the Business Marketplace can be paid on your telephone bill. That leads to another major benefit: Your IT invoices will be as clear and transparent as never before, with no additional effort.